Haworthia Glass Compto


Haworthia Glass Compto

Fertilize during the summer growing season with a cactus fertilizer. Don’t feed during the winter.

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Haworthia Glass Compto

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Plant size 2.5″ to 3 ”

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Haworthia is a delightful little succulent that makes a very attractive small houseplant. These small, low growing plants form rosettes of fleshy green leaves that are generously covered with white, pearly warts or bands, giving them a distinctive appearance.

Use a cactus mix or very fast-draining potting soil. Many growers warn that mixing potting soil with sand clogs up the pores so the soil doesn’t drain as well, so sand should be avoided. Instead, mix with perlite, aquarium gravel, or pumice.

Water evenly and generously in the summer, letting the soil media dry out between waterings. In the winter, reduce watering to every other month. Never allow water to collect in the rosette.

Haworthia species like bright light, but not direct sunlight. These grow in similar conditions to other succulents. In their native environment, they are often found in the shade of a rock or other object. They do best in a room with a window facing east or west to provide bright light for a few hours a day.

Fertilize during the summer growing season with a cactus fertilizer. Don’t feed during the winter.

Temperature and Humidity
Haworthia species like warmer temperatures in the summer but cool in the winter (down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit). They can get a freezing injury at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This plant doesn’t need any humidity. What it does require is good ventilation, especially at night when they take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. You might use a fan to keep air circulating so your Haworthia can breathe.

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