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Light & Temperature

Lithops have adapted to tolerate harsh sunlight in their native environment. Thus, the best way to care for them would be to provide 4-5 hours of early sunlight, and partial shade in the afternoon. A south or east window with optimum light is an ideal place for your Lithops. Remember, insufficient sunlight can cause elongated leaves and lost patterns


It is best for Lithops to be planted in the cactus mix or fast-draining potting soil. Sand, pebbles, or other gritty materials can also be added to help with soil drainage.


As Lithops have the capacity to store water for months in their leaves, overwatering can lead to puffy plants, and even to their demise. Also, remember they thrive in desert condition with infrequent moisture and intense sunlight. Therefore, mimicing Lithop growing condition is important to keep them healthy.
When Lithops are growing new leaves, it’s best to leave them and not water until the old pair of leaves are completely dried up and withered. This normally happens after their dormant season, which is around spring to early fall. Once the days get shorter and the temperature get cooler in fall, the plants will be active again.

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